Okay, so let me guess: you’re in a band. Maybe you’ve released an EP, or you’re prepping to release your debut full-length. You know you’ve got a few thousand fans, but that Facebook Page ‘like’/Twitter/Instagram/Vine follower number doesn’t exactly tickle you pink.

“How the hell do I get more people to like my page?” You ask with frustration lacing your voice.

Well, hang on to your drumsticks, guitar picks, and unmentionables, because here are ten tricks of the trade to help you increase your follower count:


10. Actually post things.

It’s all good you saying you want more people following you, but if all you do is post when you have a show coming up or a picture of your new EP in physical form, that’s not going to help you. People on social media are nosy. Hell, we are all nosy to a degree, so give the people what they want: take pictures of your food, your pets, your guitarist when he’s hungover, etc. Post random musings on life. For example:

jb social

9. Take a leaf out of Brendon Urie’s book and post the weirdest things you possibly can on Vine. Exhibit A:

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/e7-K_6SIbQ4″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

8. Respond back to your fans!

I know this sounds obvious, but you would not believe how many people do not think about this. Engage your audience; respond to the love and the hate (but don’t be a jerk…though you can be sassy).

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7. Run a Facebook ad. 

“But Liv! That Zuckerburg dude already has a shit-ton of money! We’re broke!” Okay, and you will continue to be broke unless you pay for advertising. I get it, really, I do. I hate having to pay money just to get someone to click a stupid button. However, it works. So stop being a baby and do it.

6. Get a website.

Please, for the love of all that is good and delicious, tell me that you already have a site. Not just a Bandcamp or a Twitter, but a site. You know, a place where people can go to basically become that one weird fan who can list off a million facts about you? Yeah, get one of those.

Not only can this be the hub for all of your social medias (linking to all of them so they all live feed to your site), but it also gives people a chance to find you because it’s a page individualized to you…not just a random page out of millions.

5. Love thy mother.

Yes, you read that right. Be nice to your moms. Who is a better advertisement than a proud mother? Be nice and talk to her about how excited you are about it and she just might send a forward with links on it for all of her friends to go and like it. This goes for other close relatives (tech-savvy grandparents included). They brag, you get followers. Done and dusted.

4. Network with other artists.

You’re not competing. You both have the same end goal in mind: Make people listen to good music–your music. So network with bands you’re playing shows with. Post some selfies with the other members, become buddies. Look at how well that worked for Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil, or All Time Low and You Me At Six, or even Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy. WARNING: If top success is reached, you may end up with a very bizarre fandom (a.k.a. Kellic).


3. Talk about hot social media trends.

Yes, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Add your voice when people are talking about trending topics like American Idol or the Grammys, etc.

2. #HashtagsHelp

Added in with number three, utilize hashtags. I know you’re way too cool for them, but just use them. It does broaden your audience a little bit.

1. Be creative!

You’re a musician. You’re creative by nature, so please utilize that. Approach social media in a creative way, and make it fun. Have competitions on Facebook or do giveaways, or maybe even just invite fans to hang out while you’re still new in the game.

…and, hey, if all else fails, you could always gain followers like the Girl Scouts do:

ribbit social media

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