21 Pilots "Vessel" Album Review
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Can you imagine if Eminem, Ben Folds and Questlove from the roots formed a band?  Well you no longer have to imagine.  Fueled by Ramen’s newest, and most creative attraction is the Ohio based duo 21 Pilots.  Vessels is the debut release from the band and is a marriage of hip hop, indie, rap and sometimes even a hint of reggae.  The bands ability to change genre in the middle of a song, like the reggae bridge in “Guns for Hands”, is something to be admired.  Though sometimes this does throw off the feel, or groove as i call it, in some songs you can forgive them by the shear appreciation of the bands originality.  The lyrics are very clear and the message is even clearer mostly summing up thoughts of suicide, deep thought and overcoming sometimes our worse enemy–ourselves.  Even though the cd has a little bit of everything for everybody it definitely is an album to listen to with an open mind.  With an explosive live show, an album to brag about, and Fueled by Ramen’s expertise of bringing talent to the forefront expect to hear more of 21 pilots in the near future.

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