The Wichita Kansas band (Yay MIDWEST MUSIC!) Abandon Kansas has released a new music video for their song “Marching Around Me” from their A Midwest Summer ep.  The indie pop rock trio, who was once signed to a label, is now doing the DIY thing, and if i may add is doing it very very well. Abandon Kansas has been around for 5+ years and played over 1000 shows! These guys are definitely veterans in the music scene and you can tell with their polished sound and their ability to make what sometimes is a boring genre…not boring at all.


So what i like most about this song is its ability to go from a Coldplay esque song full of sincere vocals that sound almost desperate singing the line “Woah oh oh oh Woah oh oh Your loves an army marching around me” to evolving into a sparkly delay single string melody.  This song even has a little bit of synth in there to complete the track.  The video for sure sums up the song and the band over the last few years.  It shows the singer carrying a boat out to sea by himself dragging it along with rope.  I think that all of us felt like we were carrying something out to sea by ourselves singing to the heavens missing something or someone not really knowing when or what is going to happen next…right? Think about it.


Check out these dudes and give the song some love!


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