AJR is a band of three brothers from New York City and I believe they will be the next boy-band sensation since One Direction taking over the world (starting to sound like the Jonas Brothers, eh? and we all know how obsessed we were with them). Adam, Jack, and Ryan are definitely the next ‘It’ boys with their poppy, electro sound. I am not afraid to admit that have become a fan girl myself. With their latest single “I’m Ready” at over 4 million views on YouTube, it’s clear that these boys are making their way to the top.

And what’s better yet? THEY”RE ADORABLE. Great music and good looks? I’m in. They will be performing at St. Louis’ LouFest this year, as well! I can’t wait to sing and dance my heart away with all you other guys and gals. Once you hear their music I can guarantee you won’t be turning back.

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