All Get Out Announces Movement EP
Out April 14th via Favorite Gentlemen Recordings and Bad Timing Records

March 10th, 2015 – Philadelphia, PA – Favorite Gentlemen Recordings and Bad Timing Records are thrilled to announce Movement EP, the first new music from indie-rock cult favorite All Get Out in four years. Movement, which features five brand new songs from the band, will be released on April 14th. Pre-orders will be available via the Bad Timing Records webstore tomorrow, March 11th, at 2 PM EST alongside the release of the first single, “Balance.”
Find a teaser video for Movement, featuring a clip of the EP’s title track, over at
All Get Out gained many fans with the release of their first full length The Season in 2011. That record was repressed just last month by Favorite Gentlemen and Bad Timing, selling out 500 copies in under 2 hours. Known for their massive rock sound, clever lyricism and dynamic range, All Get Out have won the hearts of a small but intensely passionate group of fans with only one record. Now ready to rope the rest of the world in, the band releases new music for the first time in 4 years. 

Pre-order Movement EP HERE tomorrow, March 11th at 2 PM EST.
Watch a teaser video for the EP
And stay tuned for the first new song in 4 years going live tomorrow!

Four years without new music can be a death sentence for any artist, and when an absence like that follows the release of a debut album, circumstances can get dire. But few acts are able to amass a cult following as rapidly as South Carolina-based indie rock outfit All Get Out did with 2011’s The Season, a full-length record that has proven to have near-infinite replayability.
“I needed a break,” songwriter and vocalist Nathan Hussey says. “I needed to regroup and really think about where I was, what I was doing, and how I was doing it.”
Finally, the band is back in action in 2015, and is ready to share a brand-new EP, Movement, on April 14 via Favorite Gentlemen Recordings and Bad Timing Records.
“The EP goes in a direction that feels natural for All Get Out,” Hussey explains. “It’s heavier, and it’s kind of a sister to our last release in its rawness. The Season is neatly put together, and Movement is a little sloppy, a little less intentional. The main concept here, of course, is movement. It’s how you know things are still alive.
“I started writing the title track in 2013. The first two verses are about how changes happen in a way that people don’t understand. And I’m kind of saying, you don’t have to get it, you don’t have to understand. And as the song was being written over those two years, it called me into the idea of movement.”
Movement isn’t a reintroduction or regeneration — it’s a reaffirmation. It’s a torrent of spirit at its most raw moments, an unabashed exorcism of the things that keep us awake at night in the pursuit of a life with deserved purpose. Continuing to gravitate toward the unoccupied spaces between indie and rock, All Get Out‘s return to the spotlight presents an opportunity for listeners to fall in love all over again with one of the most dynamic groups in this genre.
Movement will be available for pre-orders HERE tomorrow, March 11th at 2 PM EST.
Stay tuned for new music at the same time!
Check out the teaser video for Movement HERE or click below.

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