Amasic - The Things We Say EP
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Amasic is a rock band from Montreal. They released their EP “The Things We Say” in March. It’s a solid track list from start to finish.

When I first started listening I thought it was Pierre Bouvier from Simple Plan on vocals. That’s not a bad thing. Janick, lead vocals, has one of those perfect pop rock voices that I associate with the early 2000’s. “If I Had One Dollar” reminds me of something Lit would have released in 1999. The music throughout the record also has an All Time Low vibe to it.

I was trying to decide which song was my favorite but I can’t pick just one. I like the whole EP from start to finish. It came out right in time for Spring and Summer. It’s perfect to listen to on a sunny afternoon while driving around town with the windows down.

You can stream “The Things We Say” on Amasic’s Soundcloud:

Also vote for them to play Warped Tour!!!

They just released a music video for “You’re A Freak” check it out right here:



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