Anthony Green has been front man of two very influential bands in the scene; Saosin and Circa Survive. Anthony Green left Saosin in 2004 to form Circa Survive. It is said Green made this move from depression and the fact that he wasn’t involved in the writing process of Saosin, he didn’t like that so much. Well whatever the reason is, Anthony made a strong impression with his time in Saoson; making their song “Seven Years” an emo classic.


Personally I was always a Cove fan. Cove Reber filled the shoes of Anthony after Saosin did tryouts for their next singer. Their self-titled album  was front to back one of the best records I have ever heard. With tracks like Voices and Sleepers, I personally thought it was Saosin’s best effort. Unfortunately after 5 year of Cove as the front man the band decided to part ways saying that Cove vocal and stage performance had been diminishing over time and he could no longer represent the songs how they were intended.


So what do you guys think? Are you guys pumped about Anthony Green joining up with Saosin again or you think they should continue searching for a new singer?

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