We are all a fan of something right? Whether it is sports, a hobby or in my case music (and probably yours too). But what if you are more than a fan? What about the person that eats, breathes and lives music or a particular band. You know the people that read the front to back of the cd insert and remembers it..yeah those people. Well those are called Fanatics. A fanatic (according to my recent google search) is a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause. Minus the religious or political part and insert a band or musician and you have the topic of this blog!


Fan vs. Fanatic


Fan: Downloads the single, maybe buys one of the albums. Not a big deal,” I mean i like them but they aren’t the next Beatles.”(or in our day the next Brand New or Jimmy Eat World).


Fanatic: Has every single single…buys the album both on itunes and at their local record store and plays that album for their mom, their grandma, their cat Mr. Meow Meow and every friend that comes into contact.


Fan: Gets to the show early enough to where they get a decent spot. They don’t mind watching from a distant as long as they can kind of see the band.


Fanatic: Gets to the show 1-2 days before the show. They are equipped with a tent, sleeping bag, pb&j and has a runner (usually a parent, or a fellow fanatic friend)  to pick up starbucks as they camp. Even if the conditions aren’t accommodating the Fanatic braves the elements. They are also hopped up on sugar because they don’t want to sleep just incase they can see the band’s tour bus/van pull in before the show.


Fan: Knows the words to a few song, Definitely the Singles.


Fanatic: Knows the words to every album, ep, mixtape and sings it loud so you know they know every word.

*Dont ever look with disapproval to the fanatic like “Why are you singing so loud” because as they are singing max power 11 they are thinking to themselves “Why are you even here, you don’t even know all the words, you don’t like them the way i like them, you arent a fan, YOU SHOULDN’T BE HERE!”


Fan: Wears the band’s shirt to the show


Fanatic: Makes a shirt usually incorporating some kind of sequin and expresses their undying love for a member, the band, or a song.


Fan: Has regular pupils during the show.


Fanatic: Eyes dilated. They aren’t missing a thing.


Fan: Has a few posters in their room of the band and a few posters of awesome movies like twilight.


Fanatic: One or more walls are dedicated to the images of the band. The fanatic forgets the color of their wall but it doesnt matter. Because all that matters is (insert the band’s name)


These are just a few here, obviously there are way more, like making dolls in the image of your favorite artist, getting more than 10% of your body tatted up in dedication to the band. There is also Fan Fiction, If you make fan fiction of the band then most likely you are a fanatic with their training wheels on still.


Are you a Fan or Fanatic?

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