August Burns Red has a new album coming out tomorrow, June 25th. This will be the bands newest Release from Solid State Records. Like Underoath and many other Solid State bands they are a Christian band. Some people may saw “Naw man they aren’t a Christian band, they’re Christian influence!” Personally i don’t know what such people are talking about, but i do like the fact that August Burns Red has said in the past that even though they are a Christian band they don’t feel the need to cram it down people’s throats that they are. The band’s lyrics and talent shows that well enough.

The band’s new album is called Rescue and Restore and they released a studio video earlier in the month giving a little peak inside of their studio experience and what they did to prepare for the awesome adventure of making the album.

ABR has also blessed us with a lyric video to one the tracks off of the album called “Count it all as Lost” This lyric video is by far one of the most artistically impressive lyric video’s i have seen. The video is parallel to the lyrics, illustrating a man that is trying to put a dove back together and nurse it to be whole again. The story keeps your attention while the music plays as a hardcore soundtrack.

Enjoy the track and make sure to pick up the album Rescue and Restore tomorrow June 25th.

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