One of my favorite things is rediscovering an old favorite song. Usually by a band that I haven’t listened to in awhile. Lately, I have been listening to MXPX like I just found out who they were. I’ve been listening to them for the past 10 years of my life and every time I go through an MXPX phase I discover something new. It’s like falling in love all over again.

When I think of pop punk from the 1990s I think of Blink 182, Green Day, and MXPX. I know that no one out there has forgotten about Blink or Green Day but I feel like people don’t care about MXPX anymore. They have put out more albums than any other band that I even listen to. They have probably influenced at least one of the bands that you listen to. Check them out. I highly doubt that you would be disappointed. 🙂

My jam this week has been “Brokenhearted” but many probably know “Punk Rawk Show” “Chick Magnet” or “My Life Story”. Mike Herrera just has one of those voices that I could listen to all day.

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