So while doing my podcast with Kayla of Wolfbones (which should be up soon) she told me of a local band in her area of New York named Kid Jerusalem. She told me how she loved these dudes and their song “Hurricane” So i being the music connoisseur i am, had to check them out.

And i will tell you i am pretty impressive. Not just with their song Hurricane but all of their songs on their Facebook. I really like the music. Now for first listeners they may compare them to such bands as Coheed and Cambria and possibly PM Today. Both of those bands are great in my book and that would be a compliment. But i will say that i do find the lyrics of Kid Jerusalem more appealing to me. I feel as though they speak on my level and are very blunt with their lyrics and how they deliver them is up to par, or beyond most signed bands.

Another thing that i like about the songs featured on their Facebook is the sound quality. I like the unproduced sound. I have never been a big fan of a too polished sound. I feel it takes the essence away from an album or a song and i like to get as much of the music as i possibly can.

Be sure to pick up their album Warship.

Check out these guys, tell a friend and let me know if they are your new favorite band yet.

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