Bitter Kids album review Monster House-ReRelease
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If you do not have a Valentine today I suggest chilling out at home lighting some candles and putting on Bitter Kids-Monster House.

The re-release of the ep hit the streets earlier this week and is available on your typical musical outlets, Itunes, Spotify, etc. It is also in stores in Japan via Maxtreme Records.

The ep is an impressive post-core release. It constantly reminds me of Saosin’s self titled album (you know the one with Cove and not Anthony).  Monster House features appearances from SayWeCanFly front-man Braden Barrie  on “All Of This (Reimagined)”. This track is probably one of my favorite tracks on the ep. The piano and the vocal layering is done extremely well. It is a definitely a song that hits you in the feels.

“Painted Pictures” features Michael Bohn of Issues which to me is seamless. It almost feels like Michael Bohn is actually in BK and not just making an appearance in this track.

The selling point of this album is it is extremely catchy for its genre and there really isn’t any boring parts of the ep. I really find the lyrics mature as well. Songs like “All of this” focuses more on companionship not so much about needing someone or being cliche in love.

This ep is definitely worth a listen to. Pick it and check out the band at the links below.

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