Blink 182 spent this past weekend confusing the hell out of all of their fans on Instagram. They were posting pictures with the “Untitled” paint splatter album art and “Untitled” song titles. A lot of fans figured out that they were acknowledging the fact that their “Untitled” album (how many times can I say untitled?) came out in 2003. Then everyone started freaking out and wondering if they were going to have a 10 year anniversary tour or re-release the album or something.


Finally Sunday night they gave us an actual clue about what was going on… but it was just a set of numbers that we had to figure out. The top set of numbers read “10217:301067”, which meant “10/21 7:30 106.7”

This morning Mark and Travis appeared on the “Kevin & Bean” show to announce a set of 10 year anniversary shows. Blink 182 Blink will play the album in its entirety at two shows at the Hollywood Palladium on Nov. 6 and 7. “It’s something special,” Hoppus said. “It’s the 10-year mark of this album. We just did a run … but this is solely, purely for our fans. It’s like a way of giving back and really celebrating an album that was alike a turning point for our career.”

Pretty awesome right?! I mean they are my favorite band of all time and I wish this was going to be a tour so I could attend… or I could somehow magically end up in Los Angeles… but it’s still pretty cool. They don’t normally do this kind of thing. 🙂

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