Blink 182 is my favorite band of all time and they have been since I was in 5th grade. I remember when Enema Of The State came out… well I remember hearing “What’s My Age Again” and “All The Small Things” on the radio and begging my mom to let me watch the music videos on MTV… ha ha ha. When I was younger I was really into Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, and N*SYNC. That lasted well into 8th grade. But for some reason Blink 182 was a band I always wanted to listen to. I remember asking my mom to buy me Enema Of The State and she told me absolutely not. I mean why would you buy your 11 year old daughter a city with a “slutty nurse” on the cover. Especially after watching a music video of them running around naked.

It wasn’t until I was in 7th grade that I started to listen to more Blink 182. I remember downloading a lot of their songs on Napster… ha ha anyone remember Napster? I never downloaded any of their albums though. I was still really into downloading rap and other things my parents wouldn’t buy me.

In 8th grade I started getting into Blink again after hearing “Stay Together For The Kids” and all of the other singles off of Take Your  Pants Off And Jacket. I started downloading a lot more of their songs. I still never downloaded a whole album though. I don’t think you could download albums at the time. I think you could just download individual songs… We also didn’t have Google yet, I remember trying to use Yahoo! or Ask Jeeves. It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school when I met my best friend, Cory, that I finally listened to a full Blink 182 album. She had TYPOAJ and she played the whole thing for me and I fell in love even more. She also had a picture of them on her wall and she told me she was in love with Mark and I was like “Well that’s fine because I love that one” and pointed to Tom. Still to this day I am a Tom Delonge girl :).

That fall I met one of my other best friends, Megan. We really bonded over Blink 182, New Found Glory, Simple Plan, and Good Charlotte. We especially bonded over the fact that Blink was also her all time favorite band and she owned all of their cds! She burned me every single one of their albums. I was so happy. I finally owned them all! Later that year I purchased my first Blink album, Self-titled. By mid sophomore year I was like Good Charlotte who? Blink 182 was once again my favorite band of all time and I knew EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING about them. I also got to see them play live that summer with Cyprus Hill, Taking Back Sunday, and Fall Out Boy. Travis played that whole tour with a broken leg and was still phenomenal. I remember bragging to everyone I met for months.

God dammit, I love Blink 182. 🙂

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