I mean it should be no surprise that majority of bands that come out of Ohio are good. But another Ohio band that is really making a name for themselves especially with their new Christmas ep Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal. This ep is pretty stellar with a great mixture of pop punk catchiness and noel acoustic tunes. Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal really puts you in the xmas mood but still has that edge. It is 7 tracks and each track has something special about it. Whether its bells, catchy hook, or strings each song has its own identity and isn’t the same thing rehashed, which sometimes you get with other xmas albums.

*Side note: I love the name of the band and the ep. If you watched T.V. at all in the 90’s you should love it too.

Check out some more info about the band below and stream and pick up the ep here:http://www.boymeetsworldmusic.com/
‘Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal…’ the Christmas album from the Cincy pop-rock quintet, BoyMeetsWorld has been two years in the making. This year’s holiday release will finally be gifted to your ears and under your tree just in time for the joyous season.

The backstory: Fall of 2011, lead singer, Craig Sulken made the decision to explore other opportunities outside of music away from home, thinking he was making the right decision at the time.
He quickly learned that a huge part of him was missing. Homesick and craving to create music, the frontman began writing. Focusing mainly on Christmas music once October came, he was counting down the days to fly back home. Tracks like, “Home For The Holidays” and “Rather Be But Here” are about the anticipation and excitement of winter break.
Fast forward to the summer of 2012 when the vocalist moved back home and choose to pursue BoyMeetsWorld wholeheartedly. Reunited with brothers Ryan and Brad Sulken, now bandmates, and fellow friends, Drew Richter and Patrick Bryant, BMW took full flight. After having a great summer, playing countless shows and making new friends, BMW was quickly catching on. Winter eventually rolled around and the single, “Home For The Holidays” was given full life at last. The band put together a special video to the track to show off their festive spirit and it helped kickstart them into a monumental 2013.
“Our home-made video was being shared by the whole city it felt like,” the singer said.
Gaining the response that it did helped make certain, a full Christmas album would be the perfect choice for BMW.
“It was amazing to see for the first time that so many people were enjoying what we were doing, which gave me the inspiration to record a whole Christmas album,” C. Sulken said.
Putting a plan into action, the band set out and self-produced the majority of the album this fall. ‘Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal…’ explores the best of the Yuletide season with a little bit of everything that will surely have you smiling under your Santa hat and humming along with your friends by the fireplace.
Keeping their normal high energy writing style with a very pop-punk feel on their opening track, “Christmas Time Again.” While toning it down a bit on others, incorporating acoustic tracks amongst the classics with their own original twist. As the band calls it, “a perfect mix between full-band and acoustic songs that everybody from your little brother to your great grandma will [probably] enjoy.”
BoyMeetsWorld has generously decided to give away their Christmas tunes as a gift to the fans. “We are giving away this whole Christmas album for FREE as a HUGE ‘thank you’ to anybody that has supported us thus far.” The only thing they ask is everyone that downloads simply shares it with others. What better way to spread the holiday cheer by rocking out to a brand new Christmas album!? Enjoy.
‘Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal…’ will be released digitally Tuesday, December 3rd via the band’s website. (http://www.boymeetsworldmusic.com/)

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