I had the opportunity to catch up with the guys and gal from Breathe till Dawn. The band has been super busy and has been staying relevant with a series of stellar updates.  The band is from Toledo Ohio and has just released a single from their upcoming album Careful & Careless.  They are also competing to play the Vans Warped Tour on the Auburn Hills, Michigan date (lucky Michigan!) Check out the interview with the guys and get to know’em!


First of all thank you for taking the time out of your day to answer these questions. We really appreciate it!


Breathe Till Dawn: You are welcome! Thanks for taking time to chat with us!


Right now you guys and lady have a lot going on. One of those things being recording a new album. How has that process been? Has it been fun the whole time or a little bit challenging?


Breathe Till Dawn: Recording this album has been an amazing experience.   It hasn’t been all fun and games though. One of the biggest  parts about our writing process is we want each and every member to have their creative input. This may have cause one or two arguments (lol). We are a strong family so it never went any deeper then a few harsh words though.


How many tracks will be on the album and how did you go about picking the right songs to go on the album?

Breathe Till Dawn: Their will be 8 tracks on this album. We took about 3 months of solid writing 6 hours a day before we hit the studio. We wrote tons of tracks, and picked the best, in order to make this album the best it could possibly be. Our overall goal was to make this a very hard hitting album while still holding some very diverse tracks.


You just added Jake Richards to the band on hard vocals. Why was it so important to add that extra dynamic of vocals to the band?


Breathe Till Dawn: We wanted to be able to branch out to fans from as many genres as possible. With this we decided to add hard vocals to most of the tracks on the album. He also does clean vocals on the album. But its not just about the vocal dynamic, it also adds to the live performance. We have an awesome stage show planned for this upcoming album and tour and cant wait to show everyone how much we’ve added and improved on.


With many female fronted bands the comparison of Paramore gets thrown around or (ComParamoring). Does that bother you or do you not really care?


Breathe Till Dawn: We do care. We want to be our own individual artists as well as a unique band. With that in mind though,  we understand it happens to almost every female fronted band so we just brush it off.


Ohio is known for having some of the best music scenes in the Midwest. What do you think makes Ohio such a good state for local music? or do you not agree with that statement?


Breathe Till Dawn: We agree and disagree. Some music scenes in Ohio are awesome such as Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. Unfortunately, Our local area, Toledo, is somewhat hit and miss. Sometimes the support for the local scene is good but it drops randomly and it’s hard to even consider there being a music scene at all. Fortunately we are in a good time right now and we hope it only continues to get better.


Can you walk me through how Breath Till Dawn usually writes a song? Is it music first then lyrics, or is it a melody they you build off of that? etc…


Breathe Till Dawn: This is a very hard process to explain but we shall attempt. We start in many different ways: Lyric melody, guitar riff, drum pattern, Unique structure. After that everything is built around the guitar and the basic structure of the song.  We usually use poetry structure (ex. A.B.A.B.C.B). While we’re building the basic structure our drummer writes drums on FL Studios. He does this so he can change patterns on the fly and make them as tight as possible. When the structure and drums are done then we go back and do what we like to call “pimping out a song.” Add fills for guitar and drums, add transitions between parts,  add Intros and outros, and maybe even switch up some of the structure. We then record it on a phone and Melinda finishes it off with vocals. All synth parts are written in the studio.

Don’t forget to check out the album and keep your ears to the ground for Breathe Till Dawn. That album , “Careful & Careless” drops on June 28th. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTT (there is always a but). If you can not wait for that, I got the inside scoop that the band will be releasing another single off the album fairly soon, so yeah..you’re welcome.  Also be sure to check out Whole Hearted Clothing who sponsors the band and might i add have some pretty sick threads!

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