The Albuquerque “Crunkcore” group has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help with costs of releasing a new record.

The band breaks down their goals and what they will do with the funds gained from the campaign.

“Our goal is to raise 30,000 dollars. This funding would be what we need to finish our album and properly advertise it on the market so we can be heard. The recording and marketing process is expensive from start to finish. We have put everything into writing this album, now we need to finish it and get it out to you!

Recording Costs:

Studio Rental

Engineer Pay

Producer Pay

Mixing Engineer

Mastering House

Misc. Equipment Rental

Marketing Costs:

Album Artwork Creation

Album Manufacturing

Music Video

Music Video Marketing

Radio Marketing


Online Marketing

If we exceed our funding goal, that money would go towards our touring expenses, gas, food (Taco Bell), transportation, lodging, etc. You know how much we love coming to your town and putting on a show! So with your help, we can make all this happen!

Of course there are awesome perks for your financial support! You can check them all out on the right side of this page!

We have created some exclusive merchandise that is only available here on Indiegogo! Hoodies, T-shirts, Posters, etc. we will never be printing these items again!”

The once 3-piece but now duo was pretty big in the myspace era and produced such tracks as Freaxxx, Booty Call and Teach Me How To Scream.

Check out the indiegogo campaign below.


BrokeNCYDE Indiegogo Campaign

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