So is Chasing Taylor just a solo project of yours or do you have a back-up band to kind of help you out with shows and writing in the studio?

Chasing Taylor is currently my solo project.  I have played with a live band before, but right now I am just doing piano/acoustic shows.  I do have guys help me in the studio with guitars and such, but my newest album was mostly just beats this time.

Now you are from Wisconsin but you now reside in Nashville, Tennessee was that a move for your music career?
Yes I moved to Nashville not only to pursue my music career, but also for my love of song writing.  I love writing music and am looking to write songs not only for my project but other artists as well.

About 3 weeks ago you released your Demi Lovato “Heart Attack” cover, how was the feedback been?
That cover has been going really well!! So far its gotten 24,570 views, and I pray that it continues to keep going up!  I Like to take songs, and make them my own and have realized that not everybody likes what I come up with all the time, but I have to stay true to myself and be the artist I want to be.

Does the positive feedback motivate you to keep on writing your original music?
Yes I love the positive feedback!  I get so inspired and love to challenge myself, and write new original music hoping they will continue to love what I come up with!


What is the spring/summer looking like for Chasing Taylor? (shows, tours, covers, ep, etc)
I will be releasing an all acoustic/piano EP within the next couple of months.  It will be featuring acoustic versions of some of the songs from my newest Album Let Me Go, as well as some brand new songs. Just a little something I wanted to make for my fans, when they don’t feel like listening to beats and loud pop music, but just want to relax to some low key jams!

If i was a huge fan of Chasing Taylor and I wanted to bring something to you after a show what would it be?
Something handmade like a bracelet maybe?? Someone who liked me so much that they felt the need to make something for me would just make my night amazing!


Any places you haven’t played a show at that you would like to play a show at?
I would love to play a full band acoustic show at 3rd and Lindsley.  It’s a sweet place where you eat dinner and enjoy some nice music.  There are a lot of places in Nashville that I hope to play at this Summer as well!

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