The Voice has been an amazing opportunity for many musicians looking for a big break or a second chance. Christina Grimmie, zeldaxlove64, has been popular on Youtube for years. I will honestly say that I was not into her covers at first… back when she was like 16. She has really developed as an artist and her original songs are phenomenal.

This morning Sean tweeted about her performance on The Voice last night. She covered Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”. She took the Dia Frampton approach and did what she wanted to do and came up with this idea herself. I would compare this performance to Dia’s “Heartless”… but better.

After watching that performance I went back and watched the rest of her performances on the show and a lot of her recent Youtube videos. I am now a huge fan and I am going to continue to watch her on The Voice and vote for her every week. She went to the show with a huge following already but I’m sure the rest of America has fallen in love with her. She will have no problem winning or at least getting a record deal after this.


Check out her performance from last night here:

Check out her most recent music video on Youtube:



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