I got a chance to ask the guys of City of Parks some questions about winning the pop-punk portion of battle for pointfest, local music and future plans for the band. Check out the interview below and check out the band.

So “City of Parks” where did the name come from and who thought of it? Is there any meaning behind it?

The name came from the nickname of Fenton, the city we’re all from. Dan saw one of the signs around town that said “Welcome To Fenton, The City of Parks” and thought it’d be a good name for a the band, so that’s what eventually happened. Basically it’s just our homage to where we’re all from.

How did the band come together? How long have you been a band?

Dan started it out himself writing acoustic songs about a girl he was seeing at the time, and when that didn’t work out, he had a few songs stockpiled. His brother Brian was a piano-bar drummer at the time and the songs basically turned into pop-punk songs. We started mid-2013 as a two-piece while making demos in the basement. We reached out for a bassist so we could play shows, and we took on Joey because we didn’t know where this project was headed. We played a few shows as a trio that went well, but Joey wanted to move to guitar. Joey then scouted out Blake since they had become recent friends due to Blake’s other band, Signals From Saturn. Blake was very interested in stepping into a band like this as our new bassist.

Correct me if I am wrong, but this band is relatively new. Were any of you in previous bands or is this your first band?

Yea, we’ve only been around for about a year, but all of us but Joey played in other bands, both old and current. Dan and Brian were in a band called The Eyes of Darkness, Blake played in a few like Granite Cloud and Stockholm Smile. Joey always just did projects that didn’t turn into much, or couldn’t find the right fit for him; Hes always played as well as done YouTube covers. Right now though Brian also plays drums for Opposites Attack and Blake plays bass/vocals for Signals from Saturn.

If you were describing your sound to a complete stranger how would you describe it?

Wow, that’s tough… I guess we’d just say like an upbeat, fun, pop-punk, alternative rock band that’s easy to listen to, much like old Green Day or New Found Glory kind of stuff from the late 90s, early 2000s.

Any strong influences for your sound?

Yea, a whole bunch: Amber Pacific, Alkaline Trio, Senses Fail, Bayside, A Day to Remember, State Champs, and I’m sure a bunch of others too.

Any plans on releasing an ep?

We’re actually planning on recording our first full-length album very soon, like next month. We thought about doing an EP, but we’ve got a lot of faith in the 11 or 12 songs we have making it pretty impossible to not record and release them all.

You guys won the Pop-Punk edition of the Battle for Pointfest, congrats! What does this mean for the band and how awesome was it to hear the news that you won?

Thank you, yea we were extremely excited and humbled that it turned out that way. None of us besides Blake had ever been in a band that won a battle-of-the-bands before so it was really cool.

I’m sure this gives the band a lot of momentum, how do you plan on building upon that momentum going forward.

Well the biggest thing is winning the next Battle for Pointfest to be a part of Pointfest hopefully, then we’ve got to get our first record done and released. After that, who knows, maybe try hitting the road and playing some other cities or something.

As a local band how do you see the St. Louis scene? What are the things you love and what are things you wish you saw more of?

The St. Louis scene is pretty sweet right now. There’s a lot venues around, a lot of opportunities for bands to play, and there’s a ton of solid bands and musicians in this city. As far as what we would like to see more of is we wish more people would come out to local shows and support the scene. I think we speak for a lot of bands when we say it’s no fun playing to just the bartenders and security guys.

Any shout out to any bands that you feel are doing their thing and doing it well?

Definitely, we want to give a shout out to a lot of bands. Some that come to mind are Scene of Irony, Opposites Attack, Signals from Saturn, Captain Dee and the Long Johns, Inner Outlines, A Perfect Disaster, Welcome Home, Traveler, Old State, The Winks and plenty more that we can’t think of right now.




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