There are tons of new pop punk bands popping up ! Here’s a shout out to some lesser known bands who need way more recognition than what they are getting!


Carousel Kings are a very talented pop punk band coming from Lancaster, PA. This band has been on constant rotation in my car for the past 2-3 months. They have some of the catchiest lyrics I have ever heard. The songs just make you sing at the top of your lungs. Their music also is fast paced and hard hitting like punk rock should be. They currently are on tour right now with another band I am gonna shout out to and that is For The Win.


For The Win is a pop punk/easycore band coming out of San Diego, CA. This band just released a new LP not to0 long ago called ‘More Than You Know’ this cd features breakdowns, poppy lyrics, fast paced punk and of course everyone’s favorite gang vocals. They are, as I said, on tour with Carousel Kings and they have a tour date in St. Louis September 10 at the Demo (hopefully its open??). I encourage any fan of pop punk to go see both of these bands play!! I have seen Carousel Kings once and they do not disappoint!!!


Firestarter is a 4 piece pop punk band from Albany, New York. This band is seriously one the most talented bands I’ve heard play. They are amazing. They have such a NFG feel to them when I listen to them. Their EPs ‘Forget The Past’ and ‘New Beginnings’ are amazing. They have some really well written and just fun songs to listen to. They are on tour this fall with Post Season and Chasing Morgan. Again another great tour coming into St. Louis October 7!!!! GO SEE!!!


Last but not least, a little band called Centerfolds. I found out about this band because their singer was the singer for a band that is no longer together called Cowabunga. Centerfolds is from Richmond, VA. (All their songs are up on their bandcamp free for download They also sound a lot like NFG to me but I am not complaining because that is one of my all time favorite bands ever.

So please give all these bands a listen and go see them when they come into St. Louis you will not be let down!

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