commoncourtesyI have never been great at reviewing albums or Ep’s (which is probably why we don’t have a lot of those on the page) but i do know what i like. Even when it comes to that “likeness” there are degrees. The degrees being–1. to buy the album? or 2. to download the album? Yes i do both. Am I ashamed that i download music…eh, maybe I don’t know. I know that the bands that i do love i buy their albums. For example i have bought all of my Bloc Party, Billy Talent, and Ellie Goulding records so i do support the arts.

Anyway I’m getting off topic here. This write up is about Common Courtesy, the latest release by A Day to Remember. This is ADTR’s first release after their bloody break-up from Victory Records. This album by all means shows what a band can do after leaving a label and proves to us that a label doesn’t make the band but rather the bands make the label.

Like i mentioned earlier this is not an album review, I just want you guys to know whether the album is a download or a buy.

Well to be honest I had heard of ADTR and have given their earlier stuff a listen, and by listen I mean driving with my friend’s and they play one song and me not knowing who it was in till i heard the song again 3 months later and then i’d ask “who is this band.”  Well believe me when i say if their earlier stuff is anything like Common Courtesy I have been sleeping on a great band.

The band scratches my musical A.D.D. You can go from a song like “City of Ocala” which is totally pop-punk Warped Tour in your face sounding with a sentimental chorus to songs like “Violence” which is..well…violent. Then after thinking you understand what Common Courtesy is they hit you with a strong acoustic song like “I’m Already Gone.”

This album does it for me. I will say that yes i did download the album only due to my lack of familiarity with the band’s music. I will say though Common Courtesy is a for sure BUY. This album is great all the way through and it easily has tracks that work great for other playlists that you may be frankensteining for different moods or occasions.  So do yourself a courtesy and pick up the album on itunes


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