Crown the Empire has been making waves and ripping caves (lol i totally just made that up just now) for a bit here and had a pretty impressive set at Warped Tour might I add. They recently just said they were going to re relcord tracks from their original ep Limitless. Some of you may think “why are they re releasing an old ep” well get this, they are redoing it! Like i think completely. Here is what the band had to say on their FB page.

A lot of you are still confused about what we did when we re-recorded the new version of Breaking Point. We did not just tune down the original song and take out the auto-tune and techno breakdown. This is a fully re-recorded version featuring our screamer Dave Escamilla who is on The Fallout (he’s not on the original EP Limitless, Andy did all the vocals on that one)
We re-recorded the whole Limitless EP in a different tuning (drop which is why Andy’s voice isn’t as high pitched. We have grown, we have matured, we are not into the techno breakdowns, auto tune phase anymore. We didn’t want to release the same EP we released 2 years ago. This is something new for you guys. The deluxe reissue of The Fallout which includes the Limitless EP re-recorded comes out December 10th.

Listen to the new Breaking Point here:

Pre-order the deluxe reissue of The Fallout HERE:

Now let’s talk about the NEW ALBUM. We will not be releasing one till 2014. The Fallout has only been out a year, and we’ve been touring non-stop since the summer of 2012. It will not sound ANYTHING like the new Limitless EP, it will not sound like the original Limitless EP. It’s going to sound like The Fallout on crack! More epic, better melodies, better riffs, better everything! We are going into the studio VERY SOON to record the new album for you guys. GET STOKED!

So after listening to The Breaking Point, both versions, i have to say i like the feel of the original but the instruments are tracked a lot better in the revamped one. Anyway you guys be the one to decide which one you think is better and be sure to show these guys some support when they come to a city near you!!!!!

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