I started my Warped Tour journey the night before driving 3 hours back to St. Louis after a closing shift. I got a long 4 hours of sleep and drove up to Verizon Wireless with my buddy Bernie. We managed to get two vendor bracelets so we got to go in an hour before everyone else. I hung up posters for the bands Beartooth and Anberlin.

So when the music actually started I first saw The Word Alive and they were amazing. During the short time I spent at their set I saw my two favorite songs by them, Light House off their newest CD Real and 2012 an older one from their debut CD Deceiver. The first full set I saw was Terror and wow were they amazing. They blew me away their vocalist Scott was in the crowd for a lot their set and everyone was crowd surfing up to get to him. Once the mayhem of Terror ended I was tired so I went and sat on the hill for Stray From The Path and they were awesome. That band has such a great sound and stage performance. Next up was Mayday Parade something to kill the time before Yellowcard. One thing about Mayday Parade was that they played Three Cheers For Five Years. That caught me by surprise because I have seen them like 5 times and that was the first time I ever heard them play it. Yellowcard came on and their set was amazing they played some of their big hits and mixed in the new stuff also which I like a lot. Most importantly they played Ocean Avenue haha. Four Year Strong was next and they, besides Parkway Drive, were the band I was most excited about seeing. During What The Hell Is A Gigawatt, Alan Day came out in the crowd I managed to jump on someone and climb my way to him to sing in the microphone that made my day. Four Year Strong’s set was amazing they played Heroes Get Remembered, the best song ever, and a bunch from their CD Enemy Of The World and 1 very new song called Go Down In History which was seriously amazing, the old FYS is back. After that I just chilled through Less Than Jake and had to call it a day because I had a 3 hour drive back home.

All in all this year’s Warped Tour was much better than last and a whole lot of fun cannot wait for next year!!

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