So I found a new band! Yes i found them. If you already know about Envoi, I assure you I knew about them first. Just kidding i just found them like a few hours ago, but thats what i will tell my friends. Anyway Envoi is a pretty sweet band that i just happened to have had the pleasure of listening to. They are from Cleveland, Ohio and like most Ohio bands they are very talented and pretty unique. The band consists of Maddie Finn on vocals, David Tirpak, and Steve perrino on guitar, Jimmy Gula on drums and Ian McQueen on bass.

I happened to have stumbled on their newest single Paper Tigers. The first thing i thought to myself was “Wow someone covered a Thrice song!!!” being that i love thrice i played the first 4 seconds of the song. I then paused it and realized it was not a Thrice cover. I then thought very hard on my next steps. I liked the first 4 seconds of the song so i gave it a listen.

I am glad that i gave it a listen. The song is a very good single to release. It is a very energetic song with a great melody for the chorus and i love the layout of the chorus. It is broken up into two parts. The first part of the chorus is like words of wisdom with Maddie singing

The key to make things right is
Monitor yourself and monitor your mind.
Will you just face me with your eyes?
Moving forward seems to be just like
Taking steps behind
Your screen,

Now the other part of the chorus is like Maddie is telling the person to really think and evaluate themselves and what actions they are involving themselves in.

Is not means to be
Someone that you’ve always wanted to be.
So tell us, what are you hiding from?
Keep it up, you’ll have a real reason to keep it on.

I like the bridge as well and everything about it. I think that this band has a super bright future if they can keep putting out songs like this and i don’t mean this song reincarnated. I mean songs that are well put together with meaning. They can be fast, slow, punk, indie, etc etc. What makes a good song is good writing and me just going by this one song shows the listeners that they are capable of that. So listen to Envoi and tell a friend!

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