I have really been getting into EDM (electric dance music).  Now i will be the first to say that i don’t really know a lot about the EDM ‘scene’ but like most listeners i know what i like and a few artists that i have really been getting into are bands like Adventure Club, Zedd, Porter Robinson and many others.

It is truly nuts to me how other genre’s suffer the same scrutiny on what is the ‘real’ expression of that genre.  In the rock scene you always had some self appointed genre specialists that would say things like “Thats band’s not real hardcore, this band is real hardcore!” or “This band isn’t truly indie.” I guess i have been hearing the same thing about dubstep.  Some people saying skrillex isn’t dubstep or Krewella getting some negative attention despite doing extremely well in the edm scene and crossing over into top 40 territory.

Despite the debate and all of the know it alls, I think that it is great that a genre like this is getting big and winning grammy’s and crossing over into the mainstream. I have always been the fan that loves it when a band I like gets big.  Its even better is when you burn your friend a mix cd and then 3 years later that band gets huge and you’re like “Hey i knew about them first.”  Anyway i challenge you all to explore new artists, new music and new things. Go out to a show and see a band you have never heard of. Go to last.fm and see if there are any bands similar to one’s you like. and most of all stay classy.

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