Ellie Goulding "Halcyon" Album Review
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Ellie Goulding’s sophomore studio album “Halcyon” might not be what early Goulding fans expect.  Moving slightly away from the synth dance pop that her debut album “lights” had, to more of an atmospheric feel, halcyon listeners are placed in what sometimes feels like a fog of wonder and exploration.  With an arsenal of new sounds and Ellie really showing off her vocal chops it is easy to get sucked into the feel of the full length.  Though ellie does flex range and power quite a bit in this album, the melody and hooks quite frequently get loss in the song.  The songs focus on love, loss, and the aftermath of that love and loss. This theme aligns perfectly with the production of the music.  Though the album isn’t as “dancy” as her earlier release you can still get an adrenaline rush with songs like “Figure 8”-which is by far my favorite.

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