So how did you guys come up with the name Equal Squeeze?
Long story short, it had to do with a handshake between pasts band members, but we feel that it means something unique to everyone that hears it.

In your facebook bio you guys say you try to live by the New Found Glory words of “Pop Punk is Not Dead” How important is the genre to you and do you feel it is still as popular as it used to be?
Without the genre, we would be nothing. We may have missed the hay-day of classic pop-punk in the early 2000s but the genre is still going strong and we think the best is yet to come.

Since there are quite a few Pop Punk bands out there how do you differ from those other bands?
We try to put on a really memorable show by making connections to everyone. We hope to get them involved in the music we’re performing. It’s honestly hard to say what makes us different, because ultimately we don’t have any kind of gimmick that separates us. We are just 5 guys who live and breathe for pop punk. We love the music, we love the loyalty, We love the life.

Saw you guys released a lyric video for your single “False Hope” How did the lyric video come about and what is the song about?
The lyric video was 100% fan made by two really great fans/friends Amy Klatch and Ali Walker who designed and created the video for us and we appreciate all the hard work they put into it. The song is about letting go and taking the painful experiences we have and using them as your fuel to push forward and become a better person.

If you guys could list your top 3 influences what would they be?
All of us draw our influences from a variety of bands but three that have specially impacted us are New Found Glory, Hit The Lights, and Blink-182.

Any plans on touring?
We plan to hit the road this summer, possibly a couple of local shows so make sure you look out for us! We want to reach as many people as we can and touring is going to be an important part of that.

What message do you guys try to convey in your music?
We try to convey a whole new experience. We want our listeners to feel something different and genuine. When we play a show, we hope our listeners have a great time so we can relieve their stress. We want to try and represent everyone that listens to our music. We all experience life differently and we hope everyone can find something in our music they can connect with. We aren’t different from anybody else, we are just fortunate enough to be put on a stage and have an avenue to reach out to people. When you leave our show, we want you to walk away with 5 new friends and a feeling that no matter what happens, there is always something or someone to turn to.


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