Summer is my favorite time of the year because it’s WARPED TOUR SEASON!!! Warped Tour is my favorite day of the year every year. 🙂

This will be my 10th year and my 14th Warped Tour!!!

Over the years I like to think that I have become some kind of expert. A lot of people don’t know what they are getting themselves into when they arrive at Warped. They end up having to throw a lot of things away, spend a lot of money, or get sick.

I would suggest doing some research on Warped Tour and the venue before you go. Every venue has different rules on top of the Warped Tour rules, which are all on

Here are my tips for Warped Tour

1.JUST GET SOME WATER most of it is free. You are allowed to bring in ONE UNOPENED bottle of WATER into the venue. You can buy a huge cup of something from the concession stands for like $5 but you can always get free refills of ice or fill it up with the okay water fountain water or even bathroom sink water. There is also a tent where they will fill up any container you have FOR FREE with cold water. Amazing. Don’t just depend on the free Monster Energy drinks because those dehydrate you. They are good for some energy but you really shouldn’t have more than one that day. I’m serious. Also don’t be afraid to dump water all over yourself.  It really doesn’t matter how you look.

2.BRING SUNSCREEN!!! With that being said…. no one wants to see a sunburn. THOSE HURT! You can NOT bring in the spray on kind but you can bring in normal sunscreen. I used to always get sunburnt like I felt so lame reapplying in front of everyone but you have to! trust me I’ve learned my lesson and the past few years I’ve been really good at not getting really burnt or burnt at all. I think they might also have a place where you can buy sunscreen perhaps at one of the first aid tents.

3.MEDICS!! Yes there will be medics there and first aid tents. They know it’s hot and  you can pass out in large crowds of people and people get hurt. there are medics next to every stage to take care of you and body guards. Most of the bands tell you this on stage but LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER! DON’T MOSH JUST TO HURT PEOPLE! BE CAREFUL! don’t stand in the middle of the pit if you can’t defend yourself. If someone is hurt get them out of there don’t just stare at them. Work together. You are all there for the same reason and you are all watching that band for the same reason, don’t be afraid to help a stranger out.

4.DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR LOOKS! Like I mentioned before it really doesn’t matter what you look like at Warped Tour… GIRLS DO YOU HEAR ME??? It’s important to stay cool. To me the best outfit is short shorts and a thin tank over a swimsuit. YES A SWIMSUIT and take the damn tank off if you need to! You will get water on you at some point and you don’t want to walk around with gross wet underwear so a swimsuit is best. I’m not going to judge you and no one else is… unless you are dressed in way too many layers with way too much make up on…. trust me it’s going to run down your face anyway. Also shoes yes it’s best to wear tennis shoes but honestly for some people flip flops are more comfortable. That’s an argument that no one is going to win so just wear comfy shoes that’s all I have to say about that.

5.BRING CASH! bring cash because you need to buy some merch and support the bands, merch guy/girls, nonprofits, companies, charities, etc. don’t be afraid to spend your money on that…  There are fun activities at a lot of the tents. Seriously even if you have like 3 hours in between bands you really want to see go hang out at the tents you can enter contests, play games, and even educate yourself.

6.GET THERE EARLY!! unless you are following the bands on Twitter or Facebook or whatever you aren’t going to know when anyone plays. You will get stuck in line and the lines are hardly organized. The first band usually goes at 11:15 and who knows who it will be. If your favorite band was a headliner the night before they honestly might open the next day you never know. And the bands don’t even know when they are playing until that morning so you really can’t get a head start. I think the most useful thing in the world is the Warped Tour app and if you can’t get that on your phone then I am truly sorry. But if you have a camera phone or even a camera try to take a picture of the set list its going to be hard standing there and trying to write it down or type it in your phone. It might be easier to take a picture then look at it somewhere else so you aren’t getting pushed around.

7. ADULT DAYCARE! They have tents with fans and water for parents who bring their kids. So parents, take a bring! Chill out! Your kids will be fine and we all know you don’t want to stand in the heat for 10 hours!

8.SHADE! There usually are some shady places. Some venues don’t have a lot and some have huge covered areas. Just try to stay cool. That’s the most important thing to remember. A lot of booths/tents are big enough for people to stand under and some have activities and things for you to do so that you can spend a few minutes out of the sun.

Also Check out the pit reporter videos on youtube or wherever they are posted. He/She shows you a lot of cool things going on every day and gives you some awesome tips as well!

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