I had the privilege to ask   Dillon Teague DeVoe  of Mime Game a few questions. If you do not know who these guys are you need to get more acquainted with them. They are a 4 piece alternative/indie/rock band from Kansas City Missouri. Check out their music and the interview below:

Hey guys just wanted to say congrats on the opportunity to play SXSW. It’s a great musical conference and a lot of bands would love to be there but never get the opportunity.

How did the SXSW opportunity come about?

Dillon Teague DeVoe: Well we basically pack up and go every year, official showcases or not. In a way, if you really explore the Austin scene during SXSW you’ll find that’s what a lot of people are doing. There are shows at co-ops that have people like Andrew W.K. showing up to play and you’re never going to find that kind of stuff unless you get to know some cool people outside of sixth street. We have been lucky enough to make some really great friends in the city and at Music Saves Lives and a combination of all those connections and a lot of interviews we have scheduled is what really made this year a reality, but we don’t accept the idea that we’re on the outside looking in. People WILL know Mime Game. It’s just been a matter of time.

Will you treat this show any different than you treat any other show?

DTD: Never. Every show is different. Not to say we will underplay if there are only ten people watching us or over do it just because of a potentially important moment. The reality is, we love doing this. Audience or not, I’m on that stage. I’ve been signed and dropped and told I was worthless and I just don’t care anymore. I will be playing until someone pulls the plug on the sound system or my life, whichever comes first.

I know that when some bands go out to SXSW they are looking for something. Whether that be a deal, connections etc etc. What is Mime Game looking for?

DTD: We’re looking to make waves in the music industry. We have a truly special unit here and we want to put it in front of people here and make people talk. I don’t want a deal, I want a bidding war. Without it, guess what? I’ll still be playing music.

So where did the name Mime Game come from? Kinda unique.

DTD: It was just a memorable pairing of two words thats odd nature gave it residence in my head. Being that you remember it after probably one time of hearing it, I’d say it’s a pretty good name albeit odd. I know that a lot of people don’t take it very seriously when they first hear it but so many people said the same thing about the name “The Beatles.” It’s just a good way to get people to start talking about us without even having heard the music.

How would you describe your sound for someone that has never met you?

DTD: Lots of 90’s alternative rock vibes with musicality infused and a tinge of pop/rock in the vein of Taking Back Sunday or some of the early two thousands pop/punk acts that influenced us, but played by people who love everything from Muse to Bon Iver to Kanye West to Jason Mraz. We are not pretentious and that’s why we’re better than you. Haha! Get it? I’m totally kidding…

You guys are from the midwest. You think it is kind of hard for midwest band’s to “make it big”

DTD: Yes, but only if you look at yourself as being regionally bound and you forgo the awesome tool that is the internet. We got Josephine signed from Kansas but we also didn’t have a lot of the right support or industry around us to be able to keep it going once we did. People also forget that, no matter what, even with a label if they can’t see you everyday then you start to drift from their focus. Moving to LA to be nearer to Warner Bros. and John Feldmann and Freeze MGMT with Josephine would have been a smart move and could’ve led to me getting more work in songwriting and not being so broke all the time, living in the Midwest where art is an optional endeavor (which is a lie because all these landlocked losers would die without it,) but I didn’t so here I am working with Mime Game to make my dreams happen.

You were in Josephine Collective. Obviously the bands sound completely different but are there any things that you learned from JC that you carried over to how you write and run MG?

DTD: Yeah. Absolutely. Growing that much, that fast and learning all about the music industry from a young age really kicked my ass. I learned that the world I used to delve into for fun was becoming my work and that I could get caught up in bullshit just as easily as anyone else. I learned how to deal with people who were tired and said they wanted to succeed who would then show themselves to be dreaming instead of doing. I’ve learned what a producer is and just how much he or she can really do for a band. I’ve seen shit that would make your skin crawl… But it doesn’t matter. All I can do is work my ass off and find my little place in the sun.

Any bands you would love to tour with if given the opportunity?

DTD: Manchester Orchestra, The 1975, Cage the Elephant, those would all be incredible.

Any new releases coming from the band?

DTD: We have an album in the works that I’ve personally started doing preproduction for but I’m ready to involve a producer. I miss working with someone who knows how to smooth over my rough edges. Otherwise, I’ll just let them all show and you’ll hate my guts because I didn’t polish my package before inserting it into your ears. Was that too suggestive?

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