Thursday, February 13th 2014

There are singer songwriters, punk bands, pop singers, rock bands…and then there’s TAUK.  In a world full of cheesy lyrics and repetitive chords, TAUK reminds you that simple isn’t always better.  From key changes, to complex time signatures, TAUK blends aspects of jazz, rock, blues, and even hints of classical music to create a genre of their own.

With Matt Jalbert on guitar, Charlie Dolan on bass, Alric “AC” Carter on keys, and Isaac Teel on drums, TAUK is not only a blend of different genres, but a blend of phenomenal musicians as well, with a stage chemistry that might as well be its own language.  Before the show I asked Matt and Charlie who they’d compare their sound to and they couldn’t give me an answer.  After the first song I saw why.  There isn’t anything out there like TAUK so rather than write a lengthy show review that won’t do their music justice, I’ll leave you with one of their latest YouTube videos and a link to download their latest album, “Homunculus.”  Listen to the interview  above with Matt and Charlie then dive into the world that is TAUK.

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