The art of the music video is not dead and can still tell a pretty interesting story. Don’t believe me just ask Fall Out Boy. The 4 Chi-town bred musicians just released the last 2 videos of their Young Blood Chronicles. All 11 videos are from songs off of their most recent release “Save Rock and Roll”

The video’s feature some amazing cameo’s such as Big Sean, Courtney Love, Foxes, Elton John and Tommy Lee. If you watch all episodes from start to finish it makes for a very interesting put to a great soundtrack.  I think that the music video’s touch on everything that interests the majority of people; cults, sin, demons, hooks. You know things that go bump in the night kind of stuff.

Watch them below and let me know what you think!

My Songs know what you did  in the dark
The Phoenix
Young Volcanoes
Alone Together
The Mighty Fall
Just One Yesterday
Where did the Party Go?
Death Valley
Rat A Tat
Miss Missing You



Save Rock and Roll


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