From one fangirl to another, I feel like I am very blessed to have been able to meet 90% of the people that I consider my heroes, idols, role models, inspiration, etc. I know there are a lot of people that haven’t met theirs and probably won’t ever be able to without paying a large amount of money. Then there are other people that probably don’t care that much, but to me it means everything.

People always ask “Erin how do you meet everyone?!” They don’t believe that it is as easy as I make it sound… but literally, I just get lucky. I stand around somewhere, I usually know where to walk. I mean I’m not stalking or standing outside of a bus for hours… Not usually.

Here are a few steps for fangirls

1. Don’t be afraid. They are just people. What’s the worst that could happen? They probably won’t say no or ignore you and if they do then they don’t deserve to have any fans. Fans are the reason they get to play shows, sell their music, and make any money.  Now sometimes a security guard or tour manager or someone might tell you no but usually they can tell you how to meet them later or something.

2. Get a little creepy… just a little. It is a bit creepy to just stand and wait by the bus or van but just keep an eye on it. Unless bus call is incredibly early they usually make time for their fans. If you see a group of people just standing around behind the venue, by the merch tables, or by the buses… Join them.

3. Honestly it is okay to skip a band if you don’t know who they are or aren’t that into them. If you are going to just stand there on your phone and not pay attention during their set then why stand there? If the band you want to see already played then go to their merch table or outside by the buses. Sometimes looking around while the concert is still going on might be better than waiting until it’s over. I’ve known people who have left during the band they wanted to see/meet’s set just so they could go outside and wait. That’s determination… I guess.

4. Don’t leave right away. Why are you in a such a hurry to get home after the show? Did you even have a chance to soak up what you just saw? Hang around and talk to people for a little bit. Look around and see what everyone else is doing. Look for the crowds, they are usually surrounding someone important. Hang out close to the buses for as long as you want. I want you to be safe, so don’t stay out until 12 am in a bad part of town just waiting to meet a band. Make sure there is security around and they say it’s okay to wait. If they know ahead of time that the band probably isn’t going to come outside they will tell you to go. I don’t have a time frame to tell you when they will come out. Some bands come out right after their set… others come out an hour and a half later after getting a massage backstage… That’s right I waited outside until 12:30 am for almost two hours in the freezing cold just to meet Tom Delonge. Dedication or insanity? You tell me.

5. Ask Allison Gagnon, it’s okay to cry the second you see the band that means the world to you. 😉 But really it is. Sometimes it’s cute or they are honored to mean that much to you. But you have to remember no one wants to meet someone who is sobbing and has snot running down their face…

Those are my creeper 101, I mean how to meet your hero tips.

I love to share stories about who I met and I love to hear others stories. Please share!

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