I think its safe to say that my favorite pop punk band for 2013 is Real Friends. I think it’s also safe to say that they are probably Ribbit’s favorite pop punk band as well. We have been lucky enough to complete two interviews with them over the past few months.

I love that they have been getting a lot of attention (that they completely deserve) but they are still small enough to play intimate shows in St. Louis all the time. If you haven’t checked them out by now then it’s time that you do.

I first started hearing about them in 2012. The first time I saw them was in December when they opened for The Starting Line at the House of Blues in Chicago. I was pumped that a local band from Chicago got to open up for one of their biggest influences. I was able to see them a few weeks later when they played at Cicero’s in St. Louis with my best friends, BAMF! It as after this show that I started listening to Real Friends more frequently.

My obsession started after the release of their EP “Put Yourself Back Together” back in June. Sadly, I missed their show in St. Louis at The Demo because I had to work or something stupid. BUT Allison was able to get that awesome audio interview with Brian.

I finally got to see them again last Wednesday at The Firebird. I just love everything about them. The music, the lyrics, their stage presence… Everything. The crowd was singing so loud and that’s my favorite thing in the world. I get chills when I can hear the crowd singing louder than the band, especially during “I’ve Given Up On You”. I think what I loved most about their set was the huge smile on Dan’s face when the crowd screamed the lyrics back at him. They were genuinely happy and excited to be playing the show. You could tell that they were so thankful to be there and that people showed up and knew the words to all of their new songs. Fangirl moment… It was the cutest thing ever. I hate bands who are up on stage and they put on a show and don’t show much emotion or react to the audience at all.

I am completely obsessed and I haven’t listened to anything else for the past month. Except for Tuesday when I listened to all the new albums I bought… once. Then went back to Real Friends. My sister would probably tell me that I have “a problem”.

Sleepy eyes and bony knees.

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