The first ever Alternative Press Music Awards were held on June 21, 2014 at the Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. Hosted by one of the greatest people on this planet, Mark Hoppus. Almost all of my favorite people were at the APMAs. If you didn’t get to watch the awards on TV or online, everyone that attended… bands and fans, posted a ton of pictures on instagram. It was almost like being there.

I decided to type up some of my thoughts while watching so that I could share them here with you guys.

-First of all that orchestra was awesome and I totally did not expect that from AP… AND BRENDON URIE OMG! But all I could think was, “Where is Mark Hoppus already?! Seriously!”

-Finally Mark Hoppus. His jokes were on point.

-Ice-T and Body Count? Okay. Honestly, All I could think about is how badly I want to attend the next one. Watching it at home was kind of boring…

-COOLIO! I was totally not paying attention to Falling In Reserve at all and then Coolio actually showed up. Crazy.

-I’m sorry but why wasn’t Alex Gaskarth in the category for best vocalist? But damn right Brendon Urie won. No one else in that category even came close. I like that the award is called a skully.

-All the nominees for Best Live Band are  all amazing live, that was probably a close vote. I’ve seen Pierce The Veil a handful of times and they always kill it.

-I was stoked that Sleeping With Sirens played their only song that I know and actually like a lot. If You Can’t Hang is my jam, haha. I’ve never seen them live… And that was… Interesting. Also, what was with the back track? Like I said… Interesting.


-Again, Mark Hoppus I love you.

-I’m not a huge Hayley Williams fan but her hair, makeup, and dress was on point.

-Twenty One Pilots blow my mind. Always amazing performances.

-Seriously like Mark said our scene is all about charity and volunteering. I know I wouldn’t know about some amazing organizations and charities if it wasn’t for my favorite bands promoting them.

-Aw, All Time Low was voted most philanthropic. I wish Alex Gaskarth could get speeches everyday. Is that weird? 🙂

-I am obsessed with the All Time Low, Yellowcard, New Found Glory collab. I’m going to watch it a million times. But I would have liked to see NFG and ATL play “Head On Collision” since that’s the song ATL got their name from… Ah who am I kidding, some of my favorite people all on one stage? It was perfect. 🙂

-CM Punk was hilarious.

– I wonder if the kids in the audience even knew who Billy Corgan was… I completely agree with CM Punk, Billy Corgan is a god. His short little speech was so good.

-Joan Jett is totally an icon. Good pick AP. Laura Jane Grace is so cute! She’s so happy now and she is amazing. Again, did the kids in the audience even know who Joan Jett was? haha I want to be Joan Jett, just decided this.

-I love love love love LOVE the most dedicated fans category. It doesn’t matter which fans one. Fans are amazing, fans are everything and all of these bands know it. They wouldn’t be where they are today without their fans. They don’t get played on the radio. They only make money because fans buy their music and merch. It was so cute when Andy gave his award to a Black Veil Brides’ fan in the audience. That might be one of the most memorable moments of the night.

-I love Neck Deep and everyone knows that but I feel like they were kind of a random band to introduce someone. They aren’t as well known as many of the other bands that were there. I liked it though.  I did love that Ben got to sing with A Day To Remember, but again that was totally random. It was nice to watch A Day To Remember, even if it was just on the tv. I haven’t seen them in a while and I have been really wanting to see them lately.

-I am still in shock that Joe Perry and Slash were at the APMAs. There were so many legends that probably don’t even read AP or know who any of the bands nominated or performing were. Crazy.

-Okay John O’Callaghan could have brushed his hair… Seriously what… I could say more about his appearance but I am not going to… I’m just going to leave it at that because I love him and The Maine.

-All Time Low got song of the year. Yep. I love them.

-The Misfits. Holy Shit. Enough said.

-There were way too many amazing albums up for Album of the Year. I don’t know which one I would have voted for.

-Again, Joan Jett is awesome. I like that she stopped and introduced the guests performing with her.

– Saves The Day introducing Fall Out Boy… love it. Young FOB was amazing, of course. They deserved Artist of the Year. FOB has totally dominated since they reunited.

Like Mark Hoppus, AP, and everyone else said a million times, I never thought there would be an award show like this. It was the first one ever and it was outdoors, of course there were going to be some issues. I am just glad that AXS TV gave our music community the opportunity to air an award show like this on TV. It was just absolutely amazing to witness. Like I said, I hope to attend the next one. I also hope that there will be many, many more.

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