Hey guys first and foremost just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to answer these questions.

I was watching your video for Shadowalker and the song is great! The song seems to be about a person being lost and just not being ok and the everyday struggle of being alive. What is the song about from you guys perspective and what influenced you to write such a song.

FML:You hit the nail on the head haha a lot of songs the lyrics have a hidden meaning or something, where as this song is completely transparent and the emotion involved is naked and has the ability to immediately relate to everyone & their life. We didn’t purposely aim to write this style of lyric, it just felt write over the story we felt the music told.

You guys released Shadowalker as a single. Will this later be apart of an Ep? And do you plan on putting out an new ep anytime soon?

FML: Yes, that’s right! Shadowalker will be apart of a brand new EP we are currently working on, hopefully aiming to release early in summer. So keep an eye out for any announcements coming up about that πŸ™‚

The band is from Ireland but receive a lot of requests to tour in the USA. Is that something that you guys are working on or see happening in the future?

FML: Yeah, Ireland is actually one of our smaller fan bases, it is crazy how many people in the US have found out about the band. With America being the main market for our style of music, hell yeah we plan to play there. Being unsigned and totally DIY until this point though, paying for flights to The States, touring Visa etc, is next to impossible without a label haha but as soon as it is possible, we will see you there πŸ˜€

A lot of bands either love the writing/recording process but aren’t a big fan of playing shows while other bands are the opposite. Which party of being in a band does Follow My Lead enjoy the most?

FML: Playing shows. Though here in Ireland there are very few venues where you can hold under all ages shows, and a strictly 18+ just wouldn’t have the numbers, so we haven’t been overly lucky in opportunity, but with what live shows we have played, we can safely say, we are a live band πŸ˜€ Writing and recording can be stressful, mentally draining and argumentative, but we still really do enjoy writing music too, the satisfaction you get hearing a sweeeeeeeet section you just wrote is hard to beat!

If Follow My Lead could tour with any band who would they tour with?

FML: Any band that will have us! haha, but some of our favourites would be Crossfaith, While She Sleeps, Of Mice & Men, any band who will welcome us with open arms and party like fuck with us πŸ˜€ We are Irish after all xD

A lot of your songs touch on being alone and being lost. When your parents listen to your music do they ever get worried?

FML: Never haha we’re all genuinely happy, bubbly people. We all just have bad times in our lives and in some songs the emotion in those memories really suits what the feeling of the music gives you, and we are aware many people rely on music when they are going through hard times, so it really feels like when you release a song, you are releasing fan(s) from their negative feeling. Though check out Sippin 40’s, that song is 200% party πŸ˜‰ haha

Does your family support you pursuing your musical career?

FML: 100%. It makes us happy, we enjoy it, and thousands of people enjoy us doing it, so why the hell not! It might not make us much money, if any, right now. But it’s an investment of time & money & passion, to make our dreams come true. What parent wouldn’t support their kids chasing their dreams?

What is everyone in the band’s favorite color and why?

FML: Matt’s is honey loop yellow, because he loves honey loops. Robbie doesn’t like colours because he is so deep. Declan enjoys a good royal red being the royal man he is. Niall likes salmon pink and 2 in the stink. and William is a very dark bizantium type of guy πŸ˜‰

Is there anything you want your fans to know?

FML: Keep up to date with our profiles online, for new music, videos, pictures and tonnes of cool news and things happening right now. Thanks so much for the support, we genuinely do really appreciate it so much! Thanks for taking the time to interview us, and thanks for taking the time to read. You stay classy planet internet πŸ™‚

Alright you know the band, now it’s time of listen to the music if you already haven’t! Check out “Shadowalker” on iTunes.

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Check out their video for Shadowalkder!

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