Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Grubby Little Hands was formed by songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Brian Hall and Donnie Felton, who met while studying music composition in college. As a duo, they released two albums: Imaginary Friends (2009) and The Grass Grew Around Our Feet (2012). Leading up to their forthcoming third record, guitarist/engineer Joseph Primavera (The Looks of It), drummer Chad Brown (West Philly Orchestra), keyboardist Mark Saddlemire (Brown Recluse; White Candles), and circuit bender Michael Rothstein (Young Grandpa) all joined the band, significantly enriching the band’s sound palette. They also celebrate a longstanding collaborative relationship with cinematographer Brian Melton, who produces their music videos.

About Garden Party:

Concept/Lyrics: Songwriters Donnie Felton and Brian Hall work through a simultaneous sense of anxiety and armchair-apathy with regard to the ever-looming-but-never-arriving imminent doom of civilization, as experienced through 21st century mass media and internet culture. Album opener Dial Tone fantasizes about a hypothetical party where no people are present but automated technology goes through the motions none-the-less. Balancing Act imagines a posthumous interaction between people from disparate socioeconomic backgrounds, equalized by their mortality. Don’t Shoot Straight portrays catastrophic destruction from the perspective of theatre patrons. We Don’t Exist embraces, even idealizes, a post-human world. Despite all of the gloomy malaise, there is the persistent presence of hopeful optimism holding everything together. Whether it is due to the belief that their anxiety is unwarranted or to their acceptance of the inevitable, the presence of this glowing thread provides a buoyancy that pervades the entirety of the record. Garden Party puts its apocalypse on a cinematic widescreen and serves it up with refreshments.

Sound/Production: Since their last release, Grubby Little Hands added a few new members and as a result, Garden Party has a richer sound with more depth than their previous works as a duo. Songs range from top-of-the-lung anthems to whispering lullabies as the band weaves together a playful tapestry of pop songwriting and paisley psychedelia, with no shortage of washed out guitar and synth textures. Joseph Primavera engineered the studio sessions at Cat Lady Studios.

Grubby Little Hands
Garden Party
Chill Mega Chill // Good Behavior

January 29, 2016

  1.  Dial Tone (Listen HERE)
    2.  No Such Thing
    3.  Erase A Memory
    4.  Balancing Act
    5.  Michael
    6.  Don’t Shoot Straight
    7.  Driving Around
    8.  We Don’t Exist

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