We’ve all had that moment.

A friend is flicking through your playlist as your mp3 plays on shuffle. Suddenly, the song ends and a new one begins. As the opening notes begin to play, your friend freezes, looking up at you.

The judgement is written on their face, as you feel the embarrassment creep up your neck and stain your cheeks.

“You actually listen to this?” They ask, confused.

Frantically, you try to come up with an excuse, but to no avail. You sputter and stutter and try desperately to provide an explanation, before you finally shrug with a sigh and say, “I don’t know. I mean, I guess they’re my guilty pleasure.”

Why is it that we get embarrassed over our music taste?

I’ll be the first to admit that I have been embarrassed over the surprise revelation of some of my guilty pleasures, but looking back, I see no reason to have been bashful about it.

For example, I have Jesse McCartney on my iPod. No shame. I grew up listening to him, and I’ll be damned if he’s not on my iPod. I like his old music; he has a decent set of pipes, and it’s all about nostalgia for me. However, had you told me in my freshman year that you’d found him on any of my playlists, I’d have been very quick to dismiss you.

Now, I will proudly state that, “Yes, I do have his first three albums. Yes, I do rock out to ‘She’s No You,’ and ‘Anybody’ is still a song I belt out the words to when it comes on.”

On my Musical Resolutions for 2014 post, I spoke about owning up to my guilty pleasures this year, so I figure, why not do this publicly?

Here are my TOP 5 Not-So-Guilty Pleasures (other than Jesse McCartney):

1) “The Story Of My Life” by One Direction: I am, by no means, a “directioner,” but I can’t help it. This song comes on the radio and I find myself singing along, bobbing my head, and genuinely enjoying the track.

2) “Porn Star Dancing” by My Darkest Days: I know, this is completely opposite subject matter to the track mentioned above. I’m really sorry, but this is a brilliant song to work out to. It’s dirty and fun, and I love it. I dare you to say something about it.

3) “Slut Like You” by P!nk: I am a very proud P!nk fan, but most people would be very surprised to find out that one of my favorite songs by her is “Slut Like You.” Another fantastic track to work out to, but also so catchy and funny.

4) “A Little More Us” by Stereo Skyline: Go on. I dare you call me a tweeny-bopper. I don’t care. I love this song. In fact, I like Stereo Skyline in general, but this song is on my repeat list on my iPod.

5) “That One Daniel Beddingfield Song”: I heard it as a kid and fell in love. I’m sorry, but it’s more nostalgia for me than anything. I dare you not to melt at this song.

So I’ve owned up to mine. What are yours?

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