From being a child, lyrics always meant the world to me. I can remember being six years old and penning my very first verse. I can still remember the verse, but I won’t share it, because I was six.

I used to open CDs with excitement just to flip through the booklets and take in every line.

To this day, I remain the same.

I’d rather hear a song with honest lyrics than one with catchy, bouncing beats.

Give me a singer, laying his heart on the line.

Give me a guitarist, making his instrument wail and sing in harmony.

Give me a drummer who pounds out every emotion on the heads of the drums; the crashing symbols letting out a sound that feels raw.

I don’t care if they’re heartfelt or bitter; happy or sad.

I don’t care if they sing soft and slow or loud and fast.

I don’t mind if the song makes me people push harder at the gym, or sob hysterically in the night.

Just let them be honest.

I’ll take honest lyrics over anything else.

You can be the best, and win as many awards as you’d like, but if your lyrics aren’t honest or genuine, count me out.

Honestly, the songs! They drive us crazy and get stuck in our heads; they sing us to sleep, they mess with our minds, and they make us smile. But most importantly, they make us feel.

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