Lately, I can’t get enough of Neck Deep. They are an awesome pop punk band from the UK. It’s very rare that I like a band that isn’t American. But I can’t stop listening to them. They remind me a lot of The Story So Far but a little more upbeat… kind of haha.

They promoted themselves extremely well on Tumblr. They are the only band I have ever found on Tumblr. They wouldn’t just follow random bloggers that tagged “pop punk” or “the wonder years”, they would send messages with a link to their new song or new video. They knew everyone has been on Tumblr lately, and they actually knew how to promote well on the site. There is a huge pop punk following on tumblr that I haven’t seen on a social media site in a long time. Neck Deep took advantage of this and found a way to make themselves well-known in America.

I am so so so so SO excited because they are doing a US tour next year and they are coming to St. Louis on March 1st with Knuckle Puck and Light Years!


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