2014 was a great year for Issues and looks like they are on the path to make 2015 as great if not better of a year. Alternative Press released news on Issues and what is to come.

On January 23rd the band will be beginning writing and pre-production for the follow up to their Rise Records full length. Issues fans rejoice!  The band also gave brief resolutions for this year.


“In 2015 I want to become more valuable in other aspects of our music, not just singing. Writing and playing. I want to be more limitless. I also want to practice more with acting.” -Tyler@tylercarter4l

“I want 2015 to be the year I refocus and recharge spiritually, as well the year I follow through with releasing as much of the personal, sketchy music I’ve been sitting on as possible.” -Sky @skyduck64

“In 2015 I want to learn more about playing jazz, it’s a genre I’ve never tried to tackle before. Also I wanna stop being 10 minutes late to everything.”
-Josh @joshmanuel

“I’m gonna focus more on my long term goals and become a harder and faster worker.” -Scout @_scoutLA

“In 2015 I want to expand my knowledge of music theory and work on becoming not only a better guitarist, but a better musician as a whole. Also want to work on having a more positive outlook on things.” -AJ @ajfordays

“I’d like to be more versatile with my vocals and learn different a styles of screaming and singing. Also, I’d like to be more in shape and have a solid stamina for stage.” -Michael@therettes

Along with all of this good news fans also were sad to hear that Tyler “Scout” Acord will be focusing on his production and will not be touring with the band in 2015 but will be part of the recording process.

For the full news check out AP

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