So what is better than Rihanna’s hit song Only Girl in the World?…it being sung by the very talented and legendary Jimmy Eat World.  Jimmy Eat World has put out some pretty amazing songs by themselves.  Awesome songs such as: Bleed America, Sweetness, Futures and many others.  These guys have been all around the world and played for millions.  Rihanna…well she’s Rihanna and if you don’t know her then you probably was hit by a rock suffered amnesia and was also blinded and went deaf by the incident (im sorry if this is you. it was just a joke, i promise!)

I have always been a fan of a band that does a cover of a genre that isn’t theirs. I think thats why I like the Punk Goes Pop albums.  OOOOHH speaking of that. Another great crossover cover is Forever the Sickest Kids version of Men in Black.

Give these videos a listen and cover a song yourself.  It could be as awesome as these. you never know!

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