Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman recently went to the blogs discussing something that was on his mind, and probably on his chest, about what he and the band does after shows. Trohman discusses what the show experience should be for fans and that when he was a kid it was never his intentions to necessarily meet the band but to experience that bands live show.

“That was always enough for me, and my friends. Maybe we wanted a shirt too. But we never waited by the gate to meet Petty. It never made sense to me.” says Trohman in his tumblr blog

He later goes on to basically say, Hey if the band meets you after the show Great, if they dont. it doesn’t mean that they don’t love you.

As a concert goer I never really was there to meet bands.  I was always there to soak in the the music live.  I always wanted to know if they could portray the album into a live performance.  I mean now i go to shows to meet bands since Ribbit is a passion of mine and i want to get the bands that we all like and love to interview with us.  But even with that being said one of my favorite bands is Bloc Party.  3 years ago i would not wait outside their tour bus and wait for them to come out so i could shower them with love and affection and ask for them to sign my whole body.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with the people that do that. What is wrong are the people that get bent out of shape when they don’t get a chance to meet the band face to face.  For example lets say that some of you work at McDonalds, and when you work you literally make the best big Mac’s EVER.  I mean they look like the ones on the commercial.  Now imagine that every day after work when you end your shift you had hundreds if not THOUSANDS of big mac fans wanting you to sign there obese stomachs….EVERYDAY. Though it would be great to be appreciated, you possibly may not be able to meet and greet every single one of your fans after your shift.

Anyway check out the full blog here on Tumblr: http://mrtrohman.tumblr.com/post/53642674543/this-is-meant-out-of-respect-and-love-not-anger-or

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  1. Erin Meskill

    I love this. Exactly my point of view. I mean if I wanted to meet Andrew McMahon ASAP then I would not have waited 10 years for the chance to just happen… And I don’t stand around after EVERY show I go to or for every band. It just kind of became a fun band to do with certain bands.

    I like that we posted about this stuff. I feel like everyone who goes to concerts has a different objective.

    Incase anyone reading this comment gets the wrong idea, this clearly is not an attack on my post and my post wasn’t saying that you have to go to a show and meet the band or whatever… it was just giving some tips on how… for fangirls. 🙂

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