K.Flay Hits St. Louis with Infectious Groove

K.Flay – or Kristine Flaherty – is sitting next to a frosty PBR when I walk onto the tour bus that’s parked just outside the Demo in St. Louis. The Stanford graduate strikes up conversation with ease and intelligence, we riff on songwriting, books currently being read, how I’m from Canada, drunk food and Paul Walker. I leave excited to see how the very approachable and affable Kristine transforms into the energetic performer K.Flay I’d heard about over the interwebs.

The NightRiots open with an amazing Cure-infected pop set to get the crowd of 50 ready for K.Flay’s performance. From the moment she takes the stage, it is evident what has caught listener’s attention. Witty attack and often surprising machine-gun delivery coupled with  rhythmic indie stylings define the set. Her seemingly duality of pop-rock and rap performance is impressive, drawing the crowd in with explosive energy. After the set, I felt I needed a break just watching her, wiping imaginary sweat from my forehead.

Catch the quick interview after the jump.

ribbit: How long have you been doing what you’ve been doing?

K.Flay: I started in college, playing on campus and sort of just fell into it. I’ve been serious over the past five years now.

What is your go-to drunk food when you’re out at night?

K.Flay: It depends where I am on the road, but I definitely  love chips, like any chip except BBQ or sour cream, even those weird pea chips.

what are you currently listening to on the road right now?

K.Flay: I am really digging Angel Olsen’s Burn Your Fire For No Witness, super awesome vibes. I love songs written by sad girls.

Do you produce on the road at all?

K.Flay: Much to my managers dismay, I don’t really write on the road. I usually lock myself away somewhere for five hours coming up with melody and lyrics.

Let’s talk about the awesome ‘Varsity Blues’ era picture of Paul Walker you have in [the bus]

K.Flay: …oh ha yeah. So when I was younger, I was never really boy-crazy like my sister, she loved N*SYNC and all those boy bands. I only really got crazy for Paul Walker in Varsity Blues. I remember I actually had to get a friend to take me because I wasn’t 17 yet and the movie is rated R.

Her new album Life As A Dog is available to stream over at her soundcloud. It is safe to say that the future is bright for indie-pop/rap with K.Flay making albums.

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