Krewella, Krewella, O Krewella. What can I say about you that hasn’t already been said? The electro pop/dubstep trio hailing from the windy city has put out a new single titled Live for the Night.  This is such an appropriate title for a group that is symbolic for good times and staying up till dawn.


I must confess to you i am a Krewella fanboy and heard them for the first time when they did a track with another one of my favorite groups Adventure club.  Live for the Night is a killer dance track and even though it may not please all of their hardcore dubstep fans it is a catchy and energetic track.  This track easily shows the multiple dynamics to the girls and guy and their ability to stick to their trademark sound but explore different extremes.


The lyric video is pretty rad. It does a great job incorporating the lyrics with the live concert of the video of the band raging out. The only thing i would expect the live footage to be at night =] #trolling


Krewella is a fresh air from a lot of the generic pop out there.  If you get a chance check out this new single and listen to some of their old tracks. My personal favorite is Play Hard.

So buy the new single on itunes and enjoy!


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