The Yousaf sisters announced that they will be releasing a new song titled Somewhere to Run. This will be the follow up to their last release Say Goodbye, which I think was an “ok” effort. Trust me I dig Krewella as much as the next troll but I just wasn’t impressed with Say Goodbye.

(Check out the song and let me know if you feel differently)


Somewhere to Run will be the second single release after the departure of producer/dj Kris Trindl a.k.a Rainman. I won’t even lie when Rainman left I felt like a kid in a divorce. I was really into Krewella and I loved the brother and sister vibe they gave when performing or just hanging out. Then to know that there were lawsuits pending for production and rumor that Trindl was kicked out and didn’t leave on his own…it was a lot to deal with.

Besides all of that Krewella is a solid EDM act and I am sure the EDM crowd will be anticipating greatness when this new single, and eventually album, is released.

The new single is set to be released March 23rd via Columbia records.

Keep up with the girls and what they are doing!

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