The Weekend Routine is playing our first show at Fubar on September 27th!

5 bands for $5

Alright folks, I am obsessed with The Weekend Routine. I’ve seen them live before and thought they were good but for some reason never listened to any of their music. I love everything about them. A lot of bands stopped focusing on this genre of pop punk but not them! They remind me a lot of All Time Low and Hit The Lights when those bands started out. They are a 4 piece energetic pop punk band from St. Louis. They have had the opportunities to open for  some national bands like With The Punches, City Lights, and Freshman 15. Just listen to one of their energetic catchy songs once and it will be stuck in your head for days. You don’t want to sleep on this band. They are young and this is only the beginning for them.

My jam right now, their single “Fake (Just A Name)”

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