In an interview with Stheart Clothing singer Chris Roetter said that fans can expect new music in 2015.

The Monster “Outbreak” tour seems to have treated you well, are you looking to get right back on the road in 2015 or are you taking your time on the step for LMTF?

Chris :: Tour has been incredible. After years of hitting the same market it becomes one of those things that begin to feel routine after a while. This run has been the exact opposite of that. I feel like we’ve had a great chance to meet and develop a bit of a new fan base as well as re-establish the fan base we may have lost during our recent down time. It has always been important for us to move forward in small steps. That being said, after this tour we are back to writing and recording. We are planning to record in late February/early March with hopes of getting a new record out during the summer months.”

Check out the whole interview HERE.

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