Ok so straight up I have not been a huge fan of Maroon 5 in a long time (i know i know Tom Mudd is going to kill me for saying that), i mean since their first album. BUT their song “Payphones” and this new one “Love Somebody” kind of has me singing a different tune.

One of the first things i do when i find a song I like I look for an awesome cover of the song. And you know what? BAM! I found some! Check out these covers below and let me know what you guys think of them!

Davina Leone has a beautiful voice and is creative with her cover of this song as far as what she does with each word of the chorus and adding her own twist the words. The way she says “take me all the way” sounds like a sweet quick kiss (i dont know what that means, but that’s what i feel, ha). She has this cover for sale so pick it up and check out her site!

I will put this as simple as i can. Amanda Yang is the BOMB.COM! She makes this song her own in every way, from her strumming to her soulful adlib fills here and there she makes me forget its a Maroon 5 song. Check her other covers out and get this girl more views

This is probably the most orchestrated and one of the better composed ones i have seen online. It is not over produced which i love. Their is just enough ambiance and light piano to lift the song but not smother it. Chantry’s voice is entangled in the song and doesn’t stand out from the music and doesn’t take away from it either. It’s for sure something you can select on your ipod and sleep to. Good Stuff!


So there you have it music fans! Check out these 3 very very VERY talented people and be sure to give my other favorite youtubers a listen at my previous post featuring covers of Zedd f/ Foxes-Clarity

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