Matt Wright's Debut Album "Adam's Son"
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Matt Wright’s debut album, Adam’s Son has been playing in my car on repeat for about 2 weeks now, and I don’t plan on taking it out anytime soon.  There are very few full-length albums that I genuinely enjoy every song, and this happens to be the newest member of that family.  Matt’s songs are so heart felt and genuine and I consistently find myself making up movie scenes in my head with Matt’s music as the soundtrack.  The lyrics are not only poetic, but they’re honest and they resonate in your head and your heart, forcing you to revisit some of your own life experiences, or bringing you into a new world of adventure, heartache, and hope.

The tracks of Adam’s Son are put together like one big song, opening with the track Theme, which as the title describes, sets the mood and theme of the entire album then using four other short tracks titled Verse 1, Verse 2, Bridge, and Verse 3, placed throughout the album, Matt sets the tone for each group of songs, but also to reminds the listener of the underlying theme.

Kicking off the debut album is the upbeat, feel good tune, World Wide Open, which opens with piano and vocals only, but explodes into a full band arrangement and continues to take you for a ride, going back and forth between piano and vocal arrangement to a full band jam session.  The song ends softly and goes right into the track titled Verse 1 which opens like you’re waking from a deep sleep to a bright spring day, but leaves you with a deep question and underlying theme of the album, “How do you know that it’s love” before drifting into the next tune, Honest.

Honest is one of my favorite songs on this album for a number of reasons; the eerie vocal echo after the line “make up your mind,” and the airy yet heavy driving guitar that carries the weight of the song, but mostly how the song builds, a lot like honesty and trust, it takes it’s time before fully blossoming, but can come crashing down in seconds.

Hard to Stop is a great example of the diversity of musicianship on this album, showcasing a number of different instruments and sounds; the track opens with a vintage Rhodes piano, and even brings in a French horn for the bridge.

Verse 2 opens a new chapter in the album, but brings back a familiar question from Verse 1 “How do you know that it’s love?” before leading into the next track, I want You With Me, another feel good tune with a driving piano and kick drum and perhaps one of my favorite lines from the album, “I don’t know where I’ll go, but I want you with me.” This tune borrows riffs, rather pays tribute to the Beach Boys and Ben Folds, but easily stands on it’s own with killer banjo parts and a melody that’s bound to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Snow is another testament to the diversity of songs on this record.  With just a guitar and Matt on vocals, it’s easy to reflect on the powerful lyrics as the mix makes you feel like your right there in the room with Matt.

About a year ago I was visiting a friend in Nashville and Matt just happened to be at his house laying down scratch vocals for this very record. Knowing that I had gone through a long distance relationship in college, my friend asked Matt to play his song Just to Know and I was blown away.  If you have ever been through a long distance relationship these lyrics, simply put, are perfect, and put into words feelings that are often impossible to describe.

Bridge opens much like the other short tracks, but closes on a bit of a somber mood with the line, “blissfully unaware that she dances with me of the difference between who she is and who I want her to be” setting the tone for the remaining songs on the album.

Plans wins the award for my favorite song on this album, which is saying a lot, as I mentioned earlier I really do enjoy every song on this album, but I’m a total sucker for breakup songs and this one is right at the top. I won’t spoil anything else on this track…you’ll just have to listen for yourself!

Go is the perfect response to Plans and takes the listener from complete heartbreak to a sense of closure and peace, maybe not exactly a fairytale ending, but that’s life, and it’s something every listener can relate to.

Adam’s Son ends with the track, Verse 3 an eight and a half minute song that brings the listener right back to the center theme of the album, “How do you know that it’s love?” Don’t change the cd just yet…there’s a hidden song at the end that might just give you some insight into the name of this brilliant album, Adam’s Son.

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